Reusable Launch Vehicles

A new era of spaceflight has been ushered in with the advent of rapidly reusable vehicles.

Displaying 20 boosters.

Name Flights Status Agency Configuration
26 1 Active Rocket Lab Ltd Electron
B1019 1 Inactive Spacex Falcon 9
B1021 2 Inactive Spacex Falcon 9
B1022 1 Inactive Spacex Falcon 9
B1023 2 Inactive Spacex Falcon 9
B1025 2 Inactive Spacex Falcon 9
B1026 1 Inactive Spacex Falcon 9
B1029 2 Inactive Spacex Falcon 9
B1031 2 Inactive Spacex Falcon 9
B1035 2 Inactive Spacex Falcon 9
B1042 1 Inactive Spacex Falcon 9
B1049 10 Active Spacex Falcon 9
B1050 1 Inactive Spacex Falcon 9
B1051 12 Active Spacex Falcon 9
B1052 5 Active Spacex Falcon 9
B1053 2 Active Spacex Falcon Heavy
B1058 12 Active Spacex Falcon 9
B1060 13 Active Spacex Falcon 9
B1061 9 Active Spacex Falcon 9
B1062 7 Active Spacex Falcon 9

1 day, 11 hours ago
Straight Up
Mojave Air and Space Port - Air launch to orbit

Launch contracted by the U.S. Space Force for the Rocket Systems Launch Program (RSLP), with payloads provided by the DoD Space Test Program (STP) as…

Atlas V 541
1 day, 19 hours ago
Space Launch Complex 41 - Cape Canaveral, FL, USA

Two US national security payloads. The first is the Space Force's Wide Field of View (WFOV) Testbed satellite, the second is a multi-manifest satelli…

3 days, 6 hours ago
DS-EO & others
Satish Dhawan Space Centre Second Launch Pad - Sriharikota, Republic of India

DS-EO is an electro-optical multispectral Earth observation satellite for DSTA from Singapore. Secondary payloads are NeuSAR and SCOOB-I, both also f…

Falcon 9
3 days, 21 hours ago
Space Launch Complex 40 - Cape Canaveral, FL, USA

Geostationary communications satellite

5 days, 8 hours ago
Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1B - Onenui Station, Mahia Peninsula, New Zealand

CAPSTONE (Cislunar Autonomous Positioning System Technology Operations and Navigation Experiment) is a 12-U cubesat mission to test operations in nea…

Long March 4C
6 days, 2 hours ago
Launch Area 4 (SLS-2 / 603) - Jiuquan, People's Republic of China

Gaofen is a series of civilian Earth observation satellites developed and launched for the China High-definition Earth Observation System (CHEOS), a …

Black Brant IX
1 week ago
Suborbital Launch Ramp - Arnhem Space Centre

The X-ray Quantum Calorimeter Experiment (XQC) is a payload from the University of Wisconsin. Its objective is to measure X-rays with unprecedented p…

Long March 2D
1 week, 3 days ago
Yaogan 35 Group 02
Launch Complex 3 ( LC-3 ) ( LA-1 ) - Xichang Satellite Launch Center, People's Republic of China

3 Chinese reconnaissance satellites.

Ariane 5 ECA+
1 week, 3 days ago
Measat-3d & GSAT 24
Ariane Launch Area 3 - Kourou, French Guiana

Measat-3d is a Malaysian geostationary communications satellite built by Airbus Space Systems. GSAT 24 is a communications satellite of the Indian Sp…

1 week, 4 days ago
Jiuquan, People's Republic of China