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Follow along with the world of spaceflight as humanity continues its exploration of the solar system. We track every orbital launch and even the occasional experimental test flight.

Launch Tracking

Track launches from all the major launch providers like SpaceX, ULA, and Orbital/ATK as well as international launches from NASA, ROSCOSMOS, JAXA and ESA.

Science Missions

Follow along with resupply missions to the International Space Station, commercial satellite launches from providers like IRIDIUM and science missions like ExoMars!

Vehicle Information

Get to know all the vehicles that take us to orbit such as the Soyuz, Atlas, Delta, Ariane, Proton and Falcon launch vehicle families.

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Follow the launches only you care about.

Spaceflight History

View the history of spaceflight back to the first manned spaceflight.

Day/Night Theme

Automatically switch between Day/Night theme.

Android Wear

A full Android Wear watch face with countdown timer.

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