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Terran 1: Launching The World’s First 3D Printed Rocket (Pt. 2)

Relativity is scheduled for its second launch attempt of Terran 1, called "GLHF" (Good Luck, Have Fun), from Launch Complex 16 in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Ou...

Terran 1: Launching The World’s First 3D Printed Rocket

Relativity is scheduled for its first launch of Terran 1, called "GLHF" (Good Luck, Have Fun), from Launch Complex 16 in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Our launch ...

Good Luck, Have Fun (Maiden Flight)


Destination: Low Earth Orbit
Mission: Test Flight

Low Earth Orbit Launch Complex 16 Cape Canaveral, FL, USA Probability: 95% #GLHF

Maiden launch of the Terran 1 rocket developed by Relativity Space.


Launch trajectory and telemetry simulations provided by Flight Club - a rocket launch simulator and orbital trajectory visualiser for all things space!

Terran 1

Family: Terran
Configuration: 1

The Terran 1 is an expendable launch vehicle under development that will consist of two stages. The first stage will use 9 Aeon 1 engines, while the second stage will use a single Aeon 1 engine.

  • Stages
  • Length
    35.0 m
  • Diameter
    2.3 m
  • Fairing Diameter
    3.0 m
  • Launch Mass
  • Thrust
    920 kN
  • Name
    Terran 1
  • Family
  • Variant
  • Alias
  • Full Name
    Terran 1
Payload Capacity
  • Launch Cost
  • Low Earth Orbit
    1479 kg
  • Geostationary Transfer Orbit
  • Direct Geostationary
  • Sun-Synchronous Capacity
    898 kg

Relativity Space

Circle Image
CEO: Tim Ellis Founded: 2015 Successes: 0 Failures: 0 Pending: 3

Agency Type: Commercial

Relativity Space is an American aerospace manufacturing company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in 2015 by Tim Ellis and Jordan Noone. Relativity Space is developing manufacturing technologies, launch vehicles and rocket engines for commercial orbital launch services.


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Relativity at last moment calls off launch attempt of Terran 1 rocket after briefly igniting engines

3D-printing specialist Relativity Space postponed its debut launch on Saturday, stopping one of its attempts in the final second of the countdown after igniting the rocket’s engines.

The Launch Pad

Relativity Space Scrubs Second Attempt At Maiden Flight Of Terran 1 Rocket

On 11th March 2023, Relativity Space scrubbed the Good Luck Have Fun (GLHF) launch, during a second attempt on that day, at T-45 seconds before liftoff.


Relativity scrubs first Terran 1 launch again

Relativity Space scrubbed a launch of its Terran 1 rocket March 11 after two last-minute aborts for technical issues.

Spaceflight Now

Relativity Space scrubs second launch attempt for Terran 1 rocket

Relativity Space tried again Saturday to launch its 3D-printed Terran 1 rocket into orbit from Cape Canaveral after halting a countdown earlier in the week to ensure propellants loaded into the launcher were at the proper temperature. But …

The Launch Pad

Relativity Space Scrubs Maiden Flight Of Terran 1 Rocket

On 8th March 2023, Relativity Space scrubbed the Good Luck Have Fun (GLHF) launch due to exceeding launch commit criteria levels for the thermal conditions of Stage 2.

Cape Canaveral, FL, USA

Launch Complex 16

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