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XJY-6 02 Launch (Long March 7A)

China is reportedly targeting 17:50 on 3/11/2021 UTC for liftoff of the XJY-6 02 satellite aboard the Long March 7A rocket. The purpose of the satellite is u...

Shiyan 9 (XJY-6-02)


Destination: Geostationary Transfer Orbit
Mission: Government/Top Secret

Geostationary Transfer Orbit 201 Wenchang Satellite Launch Center, People's Republic of China

Unknown Chinese "technological validation" satellite; rumored to be new optical observation satellite in GEO.


SwGustav • March 11, 2021, 6:35 p.m.

Success confirmed by CASC

Cosmic_Penguin • March 11, 2021, 1:59 a.m.

Launch time update based on single rumor source, accuracy unknown.

Cosmic_Penguin • March 9, 2021, 3:44 a.m.

Added launch based on rocket roll-out and local road closure notices. Launch time TBD.

Long March 7A


  • Length
  • Diameter
  • Fairing Diameter
  • Launch Mass
  • Thrust
  • Name
    Long March 7A
  • Family
  • Variant
  • Alias
  • Full Name
    Long March 7A
Payload Capacity
  • Launch Cost
  • Low Earth Orbit
  • Geostationary Transfer Orbit
  • Direct Geostationary
  • Sun-Synchronous Capacity

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

Circle Image
Chairmen & President: Lei Fanpei Founded: 1999 Successes: 416 Failures: 22 Pending: 8

Agency Type: Government

The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) is the main contractor for the Chinese space program. It is state-owned and has a number of subordinate entities which design, develop and manufacture a range of spacecraft, launch vehicles, strategic and tactical missile systems, and ground equipment. It was officially established in July 1999 as part of a Chinese government reform drive, having previously been one part of the former China Aerospace Corporation. Various incarnations of the program date back to 1956.


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Wenchang Satellite Launch Center, People's Republic of China


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