Meet the Staff

Developers, Librarians, and Translators

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Caleb Jones (Koun7erfit) - Developer / Founder

I'm a 27 year old nerd from Atlanta, GA - full time dad, nerd and imagineer.

Jacques Rascagneres (Scorp) - Senior Staff - Developer

Developer currently studying Computer Science. Jacques gained a love for spaceflight after seeing STS-124 launch on a family vacation, since then he has followed the spaceflight industry with a particular interest in SpaceX (I mean SpaceX right?). Currently involved in numerous projects ( and the owner of @Scorp#3465 on Discord.

Arnaud Muller (Nosudrum) - Translations Manager

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Student, Gamer and Tech Enthusiast

Derk Weijers (IronRain) - General Support

SysAdmin/Developer with a passion for spaceflight.

Scott McLay (scottm3) - General Support / Data&API

Student from Melbourne, Australia. Joined the team in October 2018

Andrew Martin (ToBusy) - General Support / Data&API

Self-Taught Web Developer, Student, and Gamer with a passion and interest in Spaceflight as both a hobby and future career.

Benjamin Schultz (LittleChef) - General Support / Data&API

High School Senior with a passion for spaceflight as both a hobby and career.

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