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New Shepard

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CEO: Jeff Bezos Founded: 2000 Successes: 11 Failures: 0 Pending: 0

Blue Origin is an American privately funded aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight services company set up by founder Jeff Bezos with its headquarters in Kent, Washington. The company is developing technologies to enable private human access to space with the goal to dramatically lower costs and increase reliability. Blue Origin currently launches its New Shepard sub-orbital vehicle from its West Texas launch site, they are currently constructing a launch pad for their orbital vehicle New Glenn at Cape Canaveral LC-36.


Launch Vehicle

New Shepard

Family: Blue Origin

The New Shepard reusable launch system is a vertical-takeoff, vertical-landing (VTVL), suborbital manned rocket that is being developed by Blue Origin as a commercial system for suborbital space tourism.


Test Flight

The third test flight of the New Shepard vehicle. It is the first re-use for Blue Origin.

Launch Window

NET: January 22nd 2016 - 16:00 UTC

Instantaneous launch window.


Type: Core
Flight Proven: Yes
Successful Landing

The NS-2 Booster successfully landed at Corn Ranch Landing Pad.

Watch the Launch

Van Horn, TX, USA

Corn Ranch Launch Site