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Minotaur IV

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CEO: Wesley G. Bush Founded: 2015 Successes: 53 Failures: 4 Pending: 2

Northrup Grumman Innovation Systems designs, builds and delivers space, defence and aviation-related systems to customers around the world. They aquired Orbital ATK in 2018 along with its launchers and ongoing missions. Antares launches from Wallops in Virginia. Minotaur has many launch sites, with the most active now being Cape Canaveral and Vandenberg. Pegasus is an air launched vehicle from an aircraft and so has many launch locations.


Launch Vehicle

Minotaur IV

Configuration: +
Family: Minotaur

The Minotaur IV+ launch system is derived from the Peacekeeper ICBM. The first three stages are taken directly from decommissioned Peacekeeper missiles. It is similar to the Minotaur IV, but uses a larger Star-48V upper stage in place of the Orion-38 used on the baseline Minotaur IV.

Vehicle Specifications

Minotaur IV+
GTO: 0
LEO: 1950
Length: 23.9 m
Diameter: 2.35 m
Launch Mass: 86k kg
Thurst: 2200 kN

Launch Window

NET: September 27th 2011 - 15:49 UTC

Open: September 27th 2011 - 15:49 UTC

Close: September 27th 2011 - 15:49 UTC

Watch the Launch

Kodiak Launch Complex, Alaska, USA

Kodiak LP-1